Reverend Stanley Williams
Pastor Grace Temple COGIC

Stanley Williams has lived his entire life under the umbrella of the
Church Of God In Christ but that in no way means that he is limited
in his scope, outreach and ministry.  From the time he c0uld understand
what it meant to be a church member Stanley was directed in the ways
of holiness by his Father, the late Superintendent TJ Williams, Sr. and
his Mother Evangelist Fannie Ruth Williams.  Although he did not
accept the Lord until 1978 his formative years were spent in church
almost exclusively.    His first membership was at Faith Temple COGIC
under the Pastorship of Supt. W.W. Covington in Brooklyn.  There the
Williams Family learned the roots of salvation.  When he was 8 he,
along with his brothers, were allowed to be members of the
Willing Workers COGIC where they were mentored by
Rev George E. Hill who taught them how to read and comprehend the
Bible beyond what was normally taught.  As one of the the founding
members Stanley was made the Sunday School superintendent at the
tender age of 9 years old.  With the teaching and attention given to them they were able to attend the State Meetings and participate on a level with Elders and Ministers who were always impressed with the Williams' brothers knowledge of scripture.  When Stanley's father received the call to Pastor he merged with the Willing Workers Church to form New Covenant COGIC where Stanley continued to learn about the Lord.  After his father closed down his church the family joined the Washington Temple COGIC.  It was there that Stanley was able to hone the knowledge that he had gained through the years and after a period in which he left the church Stanley came back and received the Lord on March 14th 1978 at a revival led by Elder Robert Madison.  It was a year later that Stanley received the Holy Ghost on August 30, 1979 in Washington Temple on a friday night youth service.  Stanley accepted the call to the ministry in 1980 and in July 1982 he was ordained an Elder by Bishop F.D. Washington during the last days of Bishop O.M. Kelly's administration.  From there he began to be used by God, often sitting at the feet of Bishop Washington and learning all he could about ministry.  In 1984 he was chosen by Bishop Washington to be the Youth Leader of the Temple.  After the demise of Bishop Washington in 1988 Elder Williams continued under Elder Robert Madison, serving as YPWW President and as President of the Elders and Ministers Council.
In 2000, after working off and on with his father, who had since 1971 been pastoring in Westbury, Elder Williams left Washington Temple to work full-time with his father.  He was made the assistant Pastor and looked to share his knowledge with those whom he was now a part of.  In 2006 Superintendent Williams, after a long illness, went home to be with the Lord and Elder Stanley Williams was elevated by God to the position of Pastor of Grace Temple COGIC where he immediately set out to lead the church to a place in the hearts of the community where they could come to be comforted and taught the word of God.

Today Grace Temple has become a beacon of hope to many who at one time felt hopeless.  Elder Williams has discarded tradition and sought to make the Temple a far reaching ministry:  still under the banner of the Church of God In Christ but unfettered by denominational ties.  Reaching across racial and language barriers and preaching and teaching the unadulterated gospel to the masses.